I Help Ambitious Businesses Swap Marketing Bullshit for Authentic, Purposeful, and Profitable Brand Strategies.


am Jeff Jochum, Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Brand Coach and Consulting CEO for Small Businesses

​I believe in the power of authenticity to change the business world, in the importance of knowing your own purpose and, in combining both to help you double your income, work only with ideal clients, and devastate your competition.

I believe in never doing anything half-way, or pulling punches (metaphorically), or letting anyone I work with "fake it until you make it."

I believe that seeing the business world from a parent’s eyes and a father’s heart is at the core of why I’ve been able to help creative entrepreneurs succeed at their wildest dreams.

Over the last 30 years, I created and sold two software companies, licensed products to Computer Associates, Borland, and Microsoft, and led the marketing teams at Pictage.com (before and after its acquisition by equity giant Apax Ventures) and--as Chief Marketing Officer--online giants DeviantART & SmugMug.com.

In 2010, I founded Unique Brand University and Brand Fight Club workshops to expand the power and success of small, creative businesses through Specialism. 


I BELIEVE IN Authentically Unique Brands

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Did You Know?

They Created A Love-Potion, And People Drank It… And Shared It. In The Simplest Sense, I Am A Marketing Alchemist. Historically, An Alchemist’s Greatest Feat Was Turning Lead Into Gold. Marketing Alchemists Pursue A Similar Goal: Transforming A Rabble Of Anonymous People Who Might Like You Or Your Product (Let’s Call Them "Prospects") Into Communities Of Rabidly Loyal And Irrationally Happy Customers Who LOVE You (They Are Your Gold.)

I Am Inspired To Explore The Elements That Make Up These Love-Potions, And Will Show YOU How To Drive Up Revenues By Being MORE Of YOU; How To Increase Profits By Doing MORE Of What Your Business Already Does Best; How To Excite And Attract MORE Customers Who Want To Spend MORE Money, Because They LOVE YOU MORE. On Your Behalf, I Constantly Seek To Discover Your Authentically Unique Brand And Show You Why It Is At The Heart Of ALL Cherished Brands, Worldwide... Including Your Own, If You Let It.

uthentically unique stories and purpose-based strategies ignite businesses, build brand value and inspire action. They challenge thinking, bring clarity, and inspire loyalty for products and services. Anyone can copy what you do; No one can copy who you are.”


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What People Say

Jen Rozenbaum

"There is a power in knowing who you are, and what you want. It has made me a stronger businessperson and a much more self-aware woman. I went into this for help with my business but the truth is it has improved me in all areas of my life. I am a better mom, wife and friend. We associate Happily Ever-After with fairy tales. Well, I can vouch for the fact that it’s not a fairy tale at all… and that Jeff is my real life knight in shining armor." 

Jason groupp

"Once I specialized, I realized that there really is no competition for me, as a person, which means that there is no real competition for me as a creative or personal service business either. When your business positioning is based on you, as a person, you learn that only you can be the best you for your client. That is honestly one of the most difficult concepts to embrace, and also one of the most important if you expect to succeed as a specialist." 

Christine tremoulet

"My business no longer runs me; I run it. Specializing has given me power and confidence. I have a clear desire, message, and goal. It has allowed me to really be who I am and focus on families that are like me. This is powerful. Amazingly, overwhelmingly, powerful. I feel very blessed. And it all started by choosing. Once I felt the power of choosing one thing and doing it really well, I can’t ever imagine going back to the way things used to be." 

Tracy Moore

"I had heard of Jeff and was thrilled to be meeting him. He gave me a big smile while shaking my hand and we talked for less than 30 seconds. But, what he said intrigued me. He was genuine, asking tough questions, and I wanted more. I went to his workshop months later and got my first taste about the importance of Specialism. After that, I started marketing ME, and the results were great and I knew I was on the right track. So, I started 1to1 coaching with Jeff and it rocked my world."

Leeann Marie

"I now have free time to LIVE, and my business makes my LIFE happy. I am not tied to the monotony of trying to compete with everyone in the industry, because I am focused on simply putting out there the links that will help me to meet my next new friend (and customer). I can set a few hours aside to do meaningful work (which is actually enjoyable), and then move on with my day and LIVE the LIFE that is also my specialty. 

Sarah Roshan

"The biggest power about specializing and knowing what makes me Unique is having the ability to articulate it and pass on those words to my clients, so they can pass it onto their friends and so forth. I feel so much clarity and focus now that I’m specialized about whom I am and whom my client is. I can only move forward on my own, unique path."


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