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  1. Why the creative business world is changing, how you can tap into these changes to grow your business, and how to put the systems in place to get off the Cash Flow Rollercoaster for good.
  2. The #1 reason why most of the "small business gurus" out there are totally clueless about the artistic and creative services markets. And why knowing what's in this book is all you need to to change your path to success and actually start attracting, booking and creating evangelists out of your ideal clients.
  3. The 4 Steps that you need to know about in order to maximize the energy you are currently wasting marketing your brand
  4. The 16 Elements of Branding that you must follow to stop wasting your money on arm-waving marketing techniques that only put money in Facebook, Google Ad words and other advertisers' pocket -- not yours.  Without understanding them, nothing you do will be effective to be worth your hard-earned dollars.
  5. And you'll learn the secret weapon to attracting more of the high-end "big spender" clients than you can handle. This previously secret system has been working for me and my clients for 20 years.
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