One-person businesses are not like other run-of-the-mill small businesses. They are unique, deeply emotional enterprises because they depend primarily on the Value of YOU. After coaching more than 1,000 creative solopreneur businesses over the last 20 years, I have discovered the secrets of how to easily brand, market and sell your one-of-a-kind business products and services.


I am Jeff Jochum, and I've been teaching creative entrepreneurs--from startups to experts--how to create Authentically Unique Brands to supercharge their business success for over two decades.

I know that creative businesses are not like your run-of-the-mill small business. They are one-of-a-kind, deeply emotional enterprises because they depend primarily on the Value of YOU.

After coaching thousands of creative businesses over the last 20 years, I have discovered the secrets of how to easily brand, market and sell your creative products and services, and I'm ready to share them with you.

Listen to what actual students say about my coaching.

What's Included?
I crafted this Master Course to deliver everything you need to succeed. And, it's ALL part of the program. No bait-and-switch. No upsell. No BS. 


Twice a month, I will assign you a lesson module to review and absorb. My lesson modules are available online 24/7 and are loaded with step-by-step, clear and actionable information aimed at creating your Authentically Unique Brand (AUB). After that, you and I will meet personally, (Skype calls are best,) where I review your progress and offer specific direction and motivation. 

The Result: Clarity on what you stand for and how to share it. Attract your "ideal" clients in a way that cannot be competed against


Once we've had a chance to review the lesson module and what you learned from it, and how applies to your personal business brand, I will assign personalized homework assignments. Each lesson module is spaced about 2 weeks apart to allow time for you to complete these (sometimes) difficult homework assignments.

The Result: Your "Three Perfect Words" and a message that people will actually remember, in 10 words or less, so you can grab them before they look elsewhere.


This entire 1to1 Solopreneur program is designed to fit into a period of 4-5 months, (depending on how hard you work.) You will also have unlimited email access to me during the course and for up to six(6) months after you launch your new AUB.

The Result: A vocabulary of unique brand words that make it simple to create marketing and advertising copy. Declare your brand and purpose in words and images.


We conclude with a comprehensive review of your new brand, message and website, all done personally by ME. The feedback I give you will leverage the benefit of my deep brand creation experience. We'll also spend some time on performance tweaking and actionable suggestions for longer term marketing plans. 

The Result: KNOW how to get the attention of the best clients by using the power of storytelling to bring all these components together into a website and blog that will generate amazing results.

EXACTLY What Will You Learn?
I will personally teach you why the ability to communicate your unique value is a sadly underestimated skill.

And, by knowing how to express your one-of-a-kind value proposition, you will have the power to transform strangers into customers, and customers into evangelists.

Using the system laid out in my top-selling book, Uniqueing Your Brand, you will learn how to think, write and talk intentionally, creatively, and authentically, bringing together all the components into your uniquely genuine personal brand.

Then you will explore all the ways to use this message to attract prospective clients that fulfill, rather than exhaust, you.  After almost three decades of creating brand identities and strategies with worldwide clients, ranging from one-person professionals to multi-million dollar businesses, I know what works and what doesn’t. With that experience, I can help you discover how to authentically attract your ideal clients by rising above 98% of the generalist noise, in your market.

Unsure if You're Ready to Blow-up?
Okay... Do any of the examples below seem familiar to you?
  • Building your business has been exhausting. Countless hours spent thinking about the next steps, creating something others will love, hoping success will find you someday soon!  All the while trying to stay positive, pursue your passion, and not make any fatal mistakes... and it can be overwhelming if (when?) you finally realize that you and your dream aren't anywhere near what you had hoped they'd be, by now.

  • Your website and social marketing promos aren't working. You KNOW you're not getting paid what you're worth... and frustratingly, you suspect everyone else might be. You've learned one lesson for sure: Just because you're running like crazy doesn't mean you're going anywhere. And now, here you are, trying to remember why you were passionate about your business in the first place.
  • You’re ready for some experienced guidance, clear direction, and more than a little hope. Whether you have a business brand that isn’t delivering or you’re unsure where you should start, you’re ready to fly; and you're prepared to build your wings before you see the ground rushing up at you.

  • You want to attract your ideal clients better than ever before and consistently attract more of them, with less effort. You are ready to learn how to create your own authentic brand identity and YOUnique story. You want the best of the best clients to WANT you AND be happy to pay a premium for getting YOU. And, most of all, you want to Work Happily-Ever-After! 
 By The Numbers...
Whether you’ve already started your road to success or are struggling with where to begin, I can help with step-by-step building blocks that will guide you through your business marketing and personal branding process. The result will be an honest, cohesive brand identity that the world will celebrate with you. I call this your Authentically Unique Brand or AUB, for short.
  1. Discover clarity on what you stand for and how to share it.
  2. Attract your “ideal” clients in a way that cannot be competed against.
  3. Define your “Three Perfect Words” and a message that people will actually remember.
  4. Create a vocabulary of unique brand words that make it simple to create marketing and advertising copy.
  5. Declare your brand and purpose in words and images.
  6. Write blog posts that help your ideal client prospects want to know more about you.
  7. Deliver your creative vision and artistic values using the power of storytelling and self-actualization.
  8. Bring all these components together into a website and blog that will generate organic results.

And, once you join, you are family. So, any questions you may have during the class cycle can be submitted directly to me via email, or on my secret Inner-circle Mastermind group, at any time. This includes anything that may be slowing you up, or confusing you, or even just advice, encouragement and a helpful voice.

Am I the Right Business Coach for You? 
(Maybe, I'm Scaring You A Little?) 
I know... I can be kinda intense. Let me be crystal clear about my own Authentically Unique Brand!

I am Idealistic, Paternal and Confrontational. I will pull (not push) you into a successful mindset and frame of business reference. I refuse to let anyone slide and will insist you give me your very best. Does that work for you? Here are a few other ways to know...

Whether new to the business or seasoned professional, you desire to build your creative business as quickly as you can, and it is intended to be your primary source of income within the next 12-18 months.

You are simply not achieving the heights of success you know you are capable of, both financially and emotionally.

You are ‘doing what you do’ for anyone just because they have money to pay you to do it. (i.e. A Generalist)

You are tired of working for clients who seem more interested in paying your for your time than in valuing your unique creativity. (These clients are known as “Bargainers.”)

You know that, as in all evolutionary disruptions, the choice is simple: Change or Perish.
This Personal Coaching System is my "PhD" Program and includes my top-selling book!

Who was this program designed for?

This program was designed for passionate, self-reliant, creative entrepreneurs, at all levels of growth. Whether you're at a stage where you don’t yet have a business, and want to know the best way to get started, or if you're burned out after many years of seeing where you want to be but can't quite get there, or an old-soul in business, confused by all these new fangled business terms... this program, and Specialism, has the answers.  

Are You a Committed, Ambitious and Impatient Beginner?

Whether you want to launch a new creative business or relaunch into a new category or market, we will help you get focused on the right goals and achievements, while avoiding the fatal and non-productive chasms. If you are a creative professional, photographer, personal service entrepreneur, business author, business coach, brand consultant, or subject-matter expert who wants to develop a truly unique brand presence, build your platform and fanbase FAST, and earn a GREAT living from it all.

Are You Simply Frustrated and Feel Trapped in the “Groundhog Day” Movie?

Many (many) of my best graduates arrived on my doorstep ready to give it all up. Sure, some were already respected and successful and, in some cases, even famous – but something important was missing. And, every day they were still able to do what they “used to love” had become just another reminder that it wasn’t there, anymore. If this is you, or your think it is becoming you… YES, this is where you need to go, next. In fact, this profile was the main reason I created this Master Course, in the first place.

Is This A “Do What I Do and Get Rich” Scheme?

Absolutely not. I'm honored to have thousands of successful students from points around the world, all of whom have worked theirs butts off to achieve their own success. Your success and happiness are at the core of what this course and Specialism are all about, and you must be ready to do the work alongside me and your fellow students. In the end, I know that if you don’t succeed (and EXceed) then I don’t either.

Will this help me create a new logo, business card, and really hip tagline?

Another nope. No one ever got the “job” because of any one of those, and I have no interest in wasting your time pursuing them. I will help you find yourself inside your business, be able to describe your purpose with clarity and discover your “three perfect words” on the road to Working Happily-Ever-After.

About Jeff Jochum

Jeff is the Marketing Technologist known to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs as the person behind the chemistry of UNIQUEING YOUR BRAND, helping them to skyrocket their income by working only with their ideal clients. Over the last 30 years, he has used the power of Authentically Unique Brands to successfully create and sell three companies of his own, as well as leading the teams as Chief Marketing Officer at world-class creativity companies DeviantART & SmugMug. He is a respected speaker on global business strategies, top-selling author, serial entrepreneur and thought-leader for creative business success.

He can be reached anytime at  

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