I Know how to make large amounts of Money from the Smallest of Unique ideas.

And I can Prove it.
I'm Jeff Jochum &
I am a Consulting
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)*
In the same way that Sherlock Holmes identified himself as a "consulting detective" (which enabled him to do what he loved only with people and cases that excited him,) I have adopted that same philosophy in using the title Consulting CEO for my business advisory practice.

Over the last 30 years, I have founded, bootstrapped and sold three companies of my own, licensing products to Computer Associates, Borland, and Microsoft. In 1997, I co-founded EBZ.com, and created e-Biz in a Box, 1999’s best-selling (non-Microsoft) small business product. 
* That title simply means I have learned how to blend successful go-to-market/launch best practices, marketing strategies, sales techniques and brand messaging into money-making results.
Since then, I’ve had the privilege of leading the sales & marketing teams at Pictage.com (acquired by equity giant Apax Ventures for $39 million) and then as Chief Marketing Officer at online superstars DeviantART & SmugMug.

In 2009, I launched my business consulting practice and began working exclusively with start-ups and creative entrepreneurs, coaching them to success using the secrets I've discovered over the years, not the least of which is the success chemistry I came to call Specialism.

Now, if you want to know a LOT more about me,  feel free to visit my LinkedIn Page.
Your Business Lifecycle
There are four strategic phases a business goes through in the pursuit of success. Understanding where you are in that roadmap is essential to narrowing your focus on what you need to accomplish to move ahead. I have been fortunate in that my 30 years of creating, growing and scaling businesses has included deep experiences in all four strategies.
Phase 1: Innovate
Also known as the IDEA Phase, this is where my deep experience as a "product manager" is most relevant. I can help you define and refine the offering or service so that it finds its true market quickly.
Phase 2: Launch
It has been said that the longest distance is the first inch of separation between a rocket and the launch pad. Having launched my share of rockets, I can attest to that truth... as well as the fact that the next million inches are only slightly less taxing
Phase 3: Optimize
On track? Great! Now that things are stable, it's time to find the hidden profits hidden inside refining your business processes, including operations, sales, marketing and even accounting. This is also where outsourcing strategies take center-stage. 
Phase 4: Automate
Business is like golf. The secret is to perfect your stroke, course knowledge, and game strategy... easier said than done, I know.  However, in business--unlike golf--once you find that perfect swing on your perfect course, you can build machines to do it for you. Think robot golf. With increasingly bigger buckets of profits.
A few More Details...
My consulting is a very personalized solution, and generally begins with a combination of 2 or 3 days of face-to-face meetings with me at my offices in Denver, Colorado or at your facility* and each month, thereafter.

It also includes unlimited access to advice and guidance via email during the month. Because of the partnering and strategic nature of this relationship, a minimum commitment of 3-6 months (depending on initial needs evaluation) is required. Consulting rates start at $2000/day.

Note that the initial month also includes an in-depth business review of finance, operational, market positioning and strategy. I try to maintain a limit of active business consulting clients at any one time, so availability may be a challenge–but don’t be afraid to ask. I also am available for less-intense business strategy consulting at $325/hour.

If you think this is something that can benefit your business and you possess the desire and skill to be a top player in your market-space, then please reach out as early in your anticipated time-frame as possible.

* Travel and lodging costs paid by you and the entire trip must be limited to no more than 24 hours per billing day, including travel time.
A Few of My Heroic Clients
By no means an exhaustive list... just a few i am currently particularly proud of.
Anyone Can copy what you do.
no one can copy who you are.

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