Success – Jane Ammon

I have a gift.

I’m hearing impaired.

For me, communication is whole body dependent. I hear by leaning in, reading lips, interpreting body language and taking my time to process language. I communicate with my expressive face, dramatic posture changes, and reflective pauses. When I speak, I carefully choose my words.

I spent 13 years as a Speech Language Pathologist pretending to be someone I thought I should be. When I picked up a camera in 2006, I knew then that I was on a journey of rediscovery. I knew I was looking for the child who was hiding in me.

And, I realized quickly I would need help finding her.

That’s where Jeff came in. He helped me see what I already knew deep down inside.

Together, we discovered that I believe there is a difference between being a grown up and growing old. Sometimes I have to be a grown up though I never have to grow old.

I now understand that our children teach us that thinking we can live forever… is the BEST way to do it.

My specialization is using my gift to discover and photograph children. And, sometimes there families, too.

My gift of being hearing impaired allows me to communicate like children do; without words…allowing children and adults to feel heard and, even better, hear themselves.

My images are simple reminders of how amazing it feels to be heard.

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