The last 8 years of the wedding industry has seen a boom of incoming competition and incredible growth. My journey through becoming a specialist started in 2004, when I decided

Using our unique gifts and serving others is where our ultimate joy and fulfillment comes from and this is exactly what Showiteers are all about. This “YOUniqueness” thing isn’t easy.

My name is Jason Groupp. I am a New York City photographer, and after shooting weddings for twenty-four years I recently became a specialist. This single act has changed everything.

When I first began my photography business in 2009, the only thing I knew was that I loved to take pictures of people. Later that year, I discovered boudoir and

In 2010, I went to a photography convention in Las Vegas. I was walking through the lobby of Caesar’s Palace with some friends when one of them stopped in a

When we first started ShootDotEdit, our goal was to provide color correction to every photographer across the globe. It wouldn’t matter whether you were a wedding photographer in the United

I started my photography business in late 2009. When I first came into this line of work, I primarily shot youth sports, which was an unforgiving niche to be focused

I have a gift. I’m hearing impaired. For me, communication is whole body dependent. I hear by leaning in, reading lips, interpreting body language and taking my time to process

I show smart girls how to fearlessly embrace their true beauty. This is such a simple, yet powerful statement in my world. And let me tell you, it is completely

At the start of 2011 I found myself at a crossroads. I had just finished my taxes for the previous year and was literally in tears. My 60+ hour work